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"This is my FAVORITE cookbook!!", June 17, 2003
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: A reader from Springfield, VA United States
"I recommend it to everyone I know. The dishes are easy to prepare, and taste simply amazing! I just love the whole concept of this cookbook!!"

"Simply wonderful", March 18, 2003
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: A reader from New Jersey
"I went to a bridal shower (the bride was vegetarian) where my cousin made some recipes from this cookbook, and they were wonderful. I asked her for the recipes, and she told me the name of this book. I am so pleased with the book, I have given it to several friends as a gift."

"Very good!", March 27, 2002
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: Achilles Kyriakopoulos from Athens, Greece "This is a very good cookbook not only for amateurs but for professionals as well. I recommend it to everybody who loves pasta and to all who collect cookbooks."


"This book is fabulous", July 4, 2001
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: Lynne Tyler from Manchester, NH United States
"No-cook doesn't mean raw or cold! These recipes are easy to make, flavorful and delicious. And FAST! This is just the book for a hot summer night's dinner. Or even when you want a quick dinner. There is a wide variety of flavors. When I first got this book I made four recipes in a week. My son loves the tuna (canned!) with lemon zest and juice with capers. I like the broccoli with blue cheese. Asparagus with orange and basil sauce is awesome! Ricotta cheese and roasted red peppers is a real pleaser. I used this book for dinner for two separate dinners with guests, and on both occasions, the guests went out and bought the book. I'm looking forward to making the Vodka-Spiked Tomato Sauce this weekend."

"The book that got me back to scrumptious meals", July 9, 2000
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: A reader from Edinburgh United Kingdom
"After years of cooking lovely, but-oh-so-hard-to-do, meals I got burnt out. Then for nearly 8 years I just snacked; I didn't want to even make a salad because that was too much bother. This is the cookbook (given to me by a well-meaning friend) that got me back to making delicious meals. They are easy, healthy, no-fuss and absolutely mouth-watering. I've made most of the recipes in the book and though I have my favorites, there aren't any that I didn't like or thought was too difficult. I'm buying a copy for a friend who has a boat and needs easy meals for a family of 4 that can be made in a tiny cabin kitchenette. This is the cookbook for her and I'm sure many others will enjoy it too."

"The Best and Easiest to Prepare Pasta Sauces!", July 7, 2000
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: A reader from Oviedo,, FL United States
"My neighbor and friend received this book for Christmas and raved about it, promising to let me borrow it. She did....for two whole days then retrieved it. Seems she uses it several times weekly and could not do without it any longer. I searched a couple of local bookstores for it and also a cooking website to no avail. I'm so happy to have found it that I'm ordering one for myself and my sister. It's GREAT!"

"A must for any cook", September 1, 1998
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: A reader from Alexandria, VA USA
"As an owner of many cook books I have found this one the most convenient by far for a quick and satisfying pasta meal. The flavor combinations are new and tasty. Ingredients can be substituted for low and fat free meals."

A TASTE OF CHINATOWN: America's Native Chinese Cuisine

"The Best Chinese Cookbook ever!", March 18, 2001
Reviewer: An Customer from Tulsa, OK USA
"If you can find the book, buy it! Every item in this book is perfection."

"The best American Chinese cookbook anywhere", February 6, 2003
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: jolim from Phoenixville, PA United States
"It is shocking that A Taste Of Chinatown is no longer in print. I have collected a bookshelf of Chinese cookbooks over the years, but the only one that I could not do without is Joie Warner's. This cookbook focuses on the American Chinatown, giving truly accurate but easy-to-follow preparations of the classic dishes that are part of the American experience of Chinese food. Although other cookbooks may offer a broader range of more authentic examples of true Chinese cuisine, no other book that I know captures the subtle differences in ratios, seasonings and methods that give the American Chinese restaurant its unique, memorable taste. If you love your local Chinese food (and you don't live in China), you can not go another day without this cookbook"


"My favorite Chinese Cookbook", December 3, 1999
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: ababbitt from New Jersey
"I bought A Taste of Chinatown at a used-book sale several years ago for the princely sum of 50 cents. Every time I use this book I tell my wife: "This is the best purchase I have ever made." I would say the same thing if I had paid 100 dollars for it. I own a number of other Chinese cookbooks and the results from the recipes in this book are so far superior to anything else in my collection that there is almost no comparison. Simply put, EVERY dish I have ever made from a recipe in this book has been absolutely delicious. I am an experienced an accomplished cook yet I can make that claim about none of the other 40 or so cookbooks that I own. The only place this book comes up short is in the number and variety of dishes. Please, Joie, give us another book like this!"

"Absolutely the BEST Chinese cookbook", March 18, 1999
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: A reader from NYC

"Put away all your other Chinese cookbooks.
These recipes are straightforward and consistently excellent, and the photos are gorgeous. Warner is on the mark when she recommends specific brands of ingredients. What a shame it's such a difficult book to find!"

"If you love Chinese you need this book!", August 3, 1997
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: A reader
"The receipes are very detailed and describe preparation in great detail. Most of the dishes have been americanized some by increasing the amount of meat and decreasing the vegetable amount. All dishes I have tried are excellent."

JOIE WARNER'S APPLE DESSERTS: America's Favorite Fruit

"So easy, yet so good!"
, December 17, 2003
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: Kathryn Opena from San Francisco, CA United States
"This is my favorite book for apple desserts.
Pies, cakes, cookies, baked apples, and ice cream - no dessert is left out. And once you try her method of making pastry you'll never go back. Favorites are the Caramel Apple Upside-down Cake and Apple Raisin Bread Pudding."


JOIE WARNER'S CAESAR SALAD: America's Favorite Salad

"A great way to learn the basics!"
, December 18, 2002
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: Andrew Blake Webster from Shelburne, Vermont United States

"This book is a fantastic way to learn how to create a good Caesar salad!
Recipes include the original Caesar salad as well as a dozen fantastic variations (including a recipe for a sun-dried tomato salad and a grilled swordfish salad). There are also six or seven recipes for croutons that only take fifteen minutes to prepare and taste great! This is a great book for anyone who is new to the kitchen or just wants a few new ideas! 5 Stars!"



"A Must for your cookbook shelf", January 22, 2003
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: Gail A Gadekar from Pennsylvania
"I bought this book many years ago and have used it so much that some pages are marked with sauce and personal notes that I have tailored to my family's taste buds. This cookbook deserves 5 stars and if you can find it, buy it!!




"An excellent cookbook!", July 22, 1999
AMAZON.COM Reviewer: A reader from Philadelphia, PA
"If you're not worried about low-fat pasta sauce recipes, and want to make some delicious, beautiful pasta dishes, this book is perfect. I have tried more than half of the sauces and every single one has met praise. Great pesto, chicken and artichoke pasta and some of the tried and true cream and marinara sauces. Fabulous for company. I have had to buy many copies of this book to give to friends because I got tired of writing out recipes.

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